Health and Wellness Coaching for Small Business Owners


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5 years of experience supporting business owners and professionals to transform their health practices and advance their business and career goals. 

As a former business manager turned health coach, I provide a unique understanding of the challenges that plague many business owners and professionals, robbing them of the energy, clarity, and motivation to take their business or career to the next level. Many business owners are facing terrible sleep habits and exhaustion, fluctuating energy levels, and uncomfortable and painful digestive issues. These health challenges are often the single biggest obstacle to their next big opportunity, promotion, or expansion. 

Speaking Topics for Business Owners and Professionals;

 "5 Mindset Shifts that Every Business Owner Needs to Make; Overcome the Top 3 Health Challenges that Stop You From Feeling and Looking Your Best (in and OUT of the office!)"

"The 3 Nutrition Secrets to Rejuvenating Your Productivity and Performance; Discover how to get back to deep, refreshing sleep; strong, solid energy; and heal perplexing health challenges that keep you from feeling your best."

"Ending the Cycle of Burnout; Energy Management Tools for Consistent Health and Performance"

Speaking Experience;

  • Teaching and speaking since 2012.
  • Designed and led nutrition challenge programs for wellness centers.
  • Speaker to intimate groups of 3 or 4 and to larger groups of 25+. 

Speaking Focus;

  • Discovering transformative lifestyle strategies to support sustained energy, clarity, and focus for those with demanding careers.
  • Healing common digestive flare-ups that prevent full engagement, in and out of the office.
  • Reaching levels of deep, refreshing, and restorative sleep for optimal performance and productivity.
  • Addressing inflammation and blood sugar imbalance that rob business professionals of focus and energy.
  • Energy Management, not time management, as the key to superior personal and professional performance.
  • Developing a fulfilling personal life to help you think more clearly and make all the hard work worth living for.

Speaking Style;

  • I enjoy interacting with my audience.
  • I like to share stories of my own personal journey from business manager with chronic health issues to business owner with boundless energy.
  • I challenge my audience to commit to taking their health seriously.

Speaking Audience;

  • Networking Groups
  • Business Owners and Employees
  • Wellness Centers
  • Fitness Centers

Speaking Formats;

  • In-person gatherings, large and small
  • Tele-classes that conveniently bring people together via telephone conference line (live or recorded)
  • Webinars

Contact me today to discuss booking me for a virtual or in-person speaking engagement for your group.