Health and Wellness Coaching for Small Business Owners




Through working with Rachel I found solutions to digestive issues that spanned the course of two years. Pharmaceutical medications had provided no relief. I had resigned myself to thinking that I might live with digestive issues the rest of my life. I really saw no end in sight. Although I maintained a very full and productive work and personal life while living with the symptoms of IBS, there was a lot of worry and concern each and every day.
I began to experience almost immediate success when I began working with Rachel. The worry and concern is significantly reduced and I’m highly motivated to continue the regimen that has worked well for me. I’m so very glad that I met Rachel and made the decision to work with her. Clearly, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would not hesitate to contact her again if the need arises.
— Kathryn W., Speech Pathologist, Chapel Hill, NC

The first email I received from Rachel described me exactly....’Are you tired, over-worked, have tried to lose weight but can’t, have lost perspective on the things that make you happy?’ When she offered a free session, I thought, ‘Why not?’
Since working with Rachel I’ve gained a greater perspective on the changes I needed to make in order to become more confident and energetic. I’ve lost weight (and continue to lose!), developed new interests and hobbies, and cut down on the amount of hours that I work. I have more time to spend with those I really care about.
I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these things on my own, I really didn’t have any perspective on the things I should do to feel better or set boundaries in my work. I didn’t know where to begin because changing things in my life seemed overwhelming. In working with Rachel the approach to change, especially my lifestyle habits, was very methodical. I actually found it easy!
— Amy S., Director of Financial Operations, Chapel Hill, NC

Before I started working with Rachel, I saw my health spiraling down and felt I was no longer fit to be a wife and mother. During our first appointment, Rachel gave me hope that I can get better, that I can heal. She suggested some changes and even accompanied me to the grocery store to show me what to shop for. She provided weekly meal suggestions and grocery lists that helped me stay consistent with the changes. Soon, it became a lifestyle not just for myself but for my husband and children as well. Within 2-3 weeks I noticed I was feeling better and more positive. Within 5 weeks, dramatic changes started happening. This was enough to motivate me to stay on track! Rachel and I continued to work together. She not only improved my lifestyle, but she listened to me and provided avenues for emotional healing as well, which I strongly believe were a big part of my health challenges. Rachel’s integrative approach helped me to improve my physical, spiritual, and mental health. I now feel I can achieve anything. I am looking forward to life with my husband and children who are also on a healthier path now!
— Noureen S., Online Education Developer, Cary, NC

As an older adult, approaching the discipline of improving my health was not something toward which I was eager. When I hired Rachel, my physical symptoms were fluctuating wildly. My desire and intent was to pay strict attention to her gentle, firm guidance.
In 90 days, my physical symptoms had completely stabilized. Over that time period, the changes were not dramatic, but CONSISTENT. Within the borders of her advice, my statement is that I was not hungry and never felt ‘deprived.’
My desire was to wait for a month after such success to determine whether I would be able to maintain my new physical body. After more than 5 weeks of having ceased the intentional health regimen, my body remains balanced and energized. Such allows me to confirm my personal gratitude for you and your professional input!
— Bob M., Professional Speaker and Author, Wake County, NC

I chose to work with Rachel because I needed help in changing the way I perceived ‘healthy living’. My work with Rachel has improved many aspects of my life. In general, I fuel my body with more energizing foods that sustain me throughout the day, and I identified food sensitivities that had become bothersome. This in turn, helps me stay mentally sharp at work. I learned delicious, different, healthy ways of eating (for me a 75-80% Paleo diet) that energized my body and did not require me to count calories. I truly enjoyed the weekly meal plan Rachel provided. The recipes were amazing and contained a variety of protein options. She also included a weekly shopping list to correspond with the meal plan.
My sleep pattern has improved dramatically since working with Rachel. I now experience uninterrupted sleep almost every night.
Self-care, which I used to overlook, is a priority for me and I am grateful to Rachel for helping me realize it! Rachel was magnificent in pointing out stressors that I didn’t realize were affecting me. She always recommended strategies for me to reduce stress.”
— Georgette M., Pathologist, Wake County, NC

Rachel was recommended by a trusted resource. During our Breakthrough Session, I felt comfortable talking about myself, my goals, and my insecurities. My greatest achievement in our work together was CONSISTENCY....Strategies for navigating all the different food options and choosing based on the way I want my body to feel. Having a good exercise plan that is not putting more stress on my daily routine. Allowing myself to be imperfect and accepting that, while at the same time trying to give my body the best treatment I can.
I now have more energy. I have a good foundation to make positive diet and exercise choices. I am happier with how my body feels and with my skin. I learned to know and trust my body.
— Mildred L., First Year Medical Resident, Durham, NC

While working with Rachel I have accomplished so much, so it is hard to pick just one great achievement. If I had to choose just one, I would say self-image. I have lost 23 lbs in 2 months after following the plan Rachel structured for me.
I decided to work with Rachel because you can tell she is passionate about what she does and truly cares about the people she works with. This program has affected my life in many ways both at work and in everyday life. My energy levels have improved dramatically, and I’m sleeping better, so that results in better work performance. I have gained awareness about what I put in my body and how it affects me. There were so many horrible things I was doing that I thought were good for me! Working with Rachel has given me the awareness I desperately needed. This program was the perfect jump-start I needed to get on a new and wonderful life path.
Rachel has changed not only the way I feel and look, but the way I view food and dieting. I used to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, and she helped me to overcome that. My overall health, happiness, and confidence has been improved more than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend Rachel if you are looking to improve your health and self-image. She is wonderful!
— Krystyl H., Health Professional, Chapel Hill, NC

I didn’t realize how much diet plays into my internal guidance system. After completing a lot of detoxification work with Rachel, I felt much clearer in knowing what action to take and changes I needed to make in my career path. I also became much more focused on what I need to do right now to move to the next phase in my work. I started meditating again, and I’ve felt a renewed sense of responsibility for my own experience. I get only one body in this lifetime, and it’s up to me and no one else how I treat and care for it.
Rachel really listened to me and honored my thoughts, preferences, and input while still challenging me to do things outside my comfort zone. My digestive health has improved dramatically (which has been an enormous relief) and my overall energy level increased as well. I have become much more open and receptive, and learned new tools to manage my energy differently.
— Ruthie R., Health Professional, Chapel Hill, NC

Rachel is a fantastic and amazing Health Coach. She has been working with me for a few months now on different life-challenging topics and she amazes me every time. She brings a new and fresh perspective in my healing progress every single session.
Rachel is extremely knowledgable and intuitive as well as passionate about her work. Her passion and commitment to her clients vibrates through her bubbly personality. I’m so grateful that I found her. I highly recommend working with her.
— Timea L., Therapist, Cary, NC

Rachel is true to her company name; she worked hard to peel away the layers of emotional barriers and bad health habits to a new level with a beautiful smile and sincere patience. Every challenge we faced was taken with confidence that a resolution would be found. Rachel can give you a new life, just give her a chance and trust her.
— Debra S., Lead Analyst, Morrisville, NC