Health and Wellness Coaching for Small Business Owners

28-Day Virtual Retreat

4 Week Virtual Retreat


Thriving Alongside Your Business. 

4 Weeks of Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Energy Management for Small Business Owners. 


"I found relief from digestive issues that spanned two years, and pharmaceutical medications couldn't touch." -Kathryn

You know better than anyone, showing up for your business gives you life. It's your passion, your mission, your adventure. So what happens when you can't show up because you've burned through all your physical resources? What do you do when you are hit with embarrassing and painful digestive issues, chronic exhaustion, and find yourself fighting through brain fog to get shit done? 

Many times these symptoms seem to appear out of the blue, but are really the result of many years of sacrificing your body on the altar of your business. There is no glory in slowly trapping yourself in a body that can't perform at full capacity. Instead, imagine what is possible when you make your health and well-being a priority in your business success. I see clients experience their health, stamina, and vitality growing right alongside their business, improving every month and every year. 

The undeniable truth is....your business needs YOU. And it needs you sharp, clear, and ready for anything. 

"I've gained a greater perspective on the changes I needed to make to become more confident and energetic. I've lost weight (and continue to lose!) and I have more time to spend on what I care about." -Amy

Making decisions. All day long. Business owners are bombarded with demands and decisions that all seem vitally important in each moment. No wonder self-care choices such as what to eat or when to workout are pushed to the side and eventually disappear from awareness. It's not always a problem of knowing what to do....but where to even begin. I fantasized about "what I am going to start doing next week" for years before realizing all of my fantasies were just that, given my schedule and the demands I had in my life. I needed actions I could start taking TODAY, that fit within what I was already doing. 

Business is driven by decisive action. Building a foundation that brings out your best is not about the ideal diet or working out 5 hours per week. Maximize the effectiveness of what you can do, with practices that are realistic and immediately applicable.

Eliminate daily decisions that are dragging your attention away from what matters. 



"I felt my health spiraling down and felt I was no longer fit to be a wife and mother. Within 2-3 weeks I noticed I was feeling better and more positive." -Noureen

What we love can become a curse when it constantly leaves us emotionally and physically depleted. Being a business owner requires emotional stamina. Keeping your cool in tense and complex situations is the mark of a good leader, whether you are leading a team or yourself, to greater success. I see business owners who are triggered again, and again, and again, and again....until they explode. Usually they manage to protect their business from these outbursts, and instead take it out on themselves or their families through overeating, alcohol, excessive exercise or overwork, or picking a fight with their spouse. It has taken me years to learn how to fully own my emotional health, after many setbacks playing out these negative patterns while handling the pressures of business ownership. 

Free yourself from self-defeating patterns by giving yourself effective resources to manage your mental and emotional state as successfully as you manage your business. 

If this speaks to you, please join me starting August 5th, 2018.

If you know that starting off this year differently can make a dramatic difference not only to your business and your bottom line, but to your long-term health and success, then join me and a group of other business owners for a virtual retreat. 

  • Over 4 weeks we will be exploring the biggest challenges that get in the way of our productivity, creativity and effectiveness.
  • I will give you the tools you need to immediately overhaul your nutrition habits, and move you into a space where you no longer feel your personal wellness is a lovely fantasy or a guilt-ridden obligation.
  • Learn how to manage your emotional and mental energy to feel inspired and focused on a daily basis.
  • Set up a foundation that is sustainable and works for you, rather than jumping into a diet that is soon de-railed by the unpredictable. 
  • Receive support and accountability from myself and other business owners that truly understand the demands and pressure, and are committed to taking responsibility for their own well-being. 

The Retreat includes;

  1. Weekly audio class; listen on the go or during your commute as I open up the most effective strategies to get results that work for you. 
  2. Three practices to implement each week and no more. This challenges you to experience the shifts, and build on your success each week. 
  3. Weekly emails and email check-ins from me to track your progress and personally address any challenges. 
  4. Membership in an exclusive, closed Facebook group; where you can ask questions, share challenges, and receive support from other business owners who are making wellness a priority. 
  5. Menu Plan with shopping list for each week; meals that are simple, delicious, and take minimal time to prepare.
  6. Power Snacks and Mini-Meals for Every Day, including a shopping list, so you can immediately stock your home and office. 

Normally I charge $397 for a month-long program.

But I know you have a lot of decisions to make, and I would like this to be an easy YES! for you.  

So I'm offering this for $297.

If you enroll by JULY 31st, I'm offering an additional discount of $50,

bringing the total cost to $247.




Still not sure? Check out my free audio class; 5 Mindset Shifts that Every Business Owner Needs to Make or feel free to email me at