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Healing Digestive Issues and Insomnia with Nutrition

Nutrition and Energy for Building a Business and a Family

Do you wonder if you can be the parent you want to be…and have a successful business at the same time?

Do you feel your frustration and exhaustion are your fault….because you chose this?

When you lay down at night, do you find yourself reviewing all the moments you snapped at your kids?

Are you tired of feeling guilty for yelling and losing your cool at the end of a long day?

I know there are two sides to you.

You adore your children, the precious moments, and wouldn’t miss their first word or first step.

You thrive on challenge, creating, and building a business that makes you proud. You love being out in the world and making things happen. You can’t imagine working for someone else.

Having children inspired you to start or grow your business…because you knew you wanted both.

But somewhere in the midst of those first years of parenthood, your body started to take a hit.

Fatigue. Mysterious digestive issues. Mood swings. Inability to focus. Lying awake even when your body is screaming for rest.

The more you ignore these signs, the stronger the symptoms become.

You start to question whether you can sustain these two roles. You find yourself asking if you can be the compassionate, guiding parent you pictured. What if the kids were better off spending time with a babysitter or more time in daycare?

And your business? Well, that’s been hanging on by a thread.

But here’s the truth.

There is a better way to work hard and play hard as a parent with a business.

In fact, what if instead of this picture, your experience was different?

What if you put simple strategies in place to show up with all the love, joy, focus, and energy you need every day?

What if you found yourself modeling a balanced, happy, thriving life and career to your kids?

The good news is it’s possible to give your best to both your children and your business.

It all starts with your body. Bringing relief from digestive issues such as leaky gut, candida, and IBS. Getting the deep rest you need. Putting an end to the mood swings, anger, and anxiety.

Your children deserve the real you.

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