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Having lived in the local area for the past 19 years, and being a member of the wellness community for a vast majority of those years, I have connected with many amazing practitioners offering a variety of modalities that I recommend with pride and confidence. Here are my top choices if you are in search of additional services;


anna sanders

"I created Bodhisattva Bodywork to assist persons suffering from physical, mental, and/or emotional trauma. I have been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist since 2000, and I combine that experience with my years as a violent crimes investigator with the Alaska State Troopers and as a Buddhist practitioner to create a safe, respectful container for recovery. My tools include: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue Massage; Reiki (Master's Level Teaching Certification); Crania-Sacral Therapy; Physio-Spiritual Etheric Bodywork (PSEB); Somatic Experiencing (SE); and Guided Meditation. I look forward to meeting and working with you!"

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Anna Sanders, LLC         NC LMBT #13019          919-636-9439         


Transformational Breath®/Energy Healing

Christine Edwards

Christine is a health and wellness facilitator. Her practice continually evolves to include leading edge modalities for optimal well-being. She's a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing® a global institute for personal transformation and hands-on healing. Transformational Breath® is a complete self-healing system using a breath work modality that increases oxygenation throughout your body for staying healthy, energized, mentally and emotionally clear and ultimately more present in your life. The founder, Dr. Judith Kravitz, has developed a deeply transformative process that can be learned for self-healing breath sessions.

Contact Christine at (919) 270-0460 or to receive a free 15-minute consultation! 

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physical therapy/exercise enhancement

abby douek

Abby is a physical therapist who has taken her knowledge of body mechanics and vast level of experience in the field of physical therapy and put it to use for the benefit of people at every level of health and fitness. At her center she not only supports recovery from injury, she also offers classes and instruction in physical fitness that are tailored to the individual goals of her clients. Fitness classes led by herself and her Performance Specialist, Bobby Mack, are small with only 10-12 participants, so that the focus can be not only on maximizing your workout, but on form, function and performing each exercise to the best possible benefit. Classes include Run Form Strengthening and Core/Recovery. Abby is also an expert in Redcord Strengthening. This method using suspension slings allows an individual who would otherwise find physical activity difficult, such as knee pain, weight gain, or recent surgery; to activate several muscle groups with a single exercise, thus toning and strengthening without causing additional injury or pain. The method is also extremely efficient, shortening the amount of time required.

If you are searching for a professional, personalized approach to your physical fitness, I strongly recommend contacting Abby to learn more about her classes and physical therapy sessions.

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Yoga; Group and Individual classes

TIffany carnes

Tiffany began her yoga journey over 5 years ago originally seeking new fitness challenges. The total balance of mind, body, and spirit she began to experience motivated her to pursue teacher training so she could share the love she had unintentionally found. In December, 2014, Tiffany completed her 200 hour certification with Wilmington Yoga Center at 9 months pregnant. This helped her to realize her true passion for teaching special populations such as prenatal, trauma sensitive, seniors, kids, etc. Whatever the need, it is her hope that every student leaves feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to accept all of life's blessings and challenges. Tiffany believes yoga is for everyone. Come as you are!

Currently Tiffany offers several group classes in the area, as well as one-on-one private yoga sessions for those clients who may desire more personal instruction in the privacy of their home.

You can reach Tiffany at (919) 673-2886 or by email at