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Meal Plan Membership

Dinner is Solved

What if…

Your meal planning was done for you every month.

You never had to eat the same dish twice.

You always had grain-free, dairy-free meals that made you feel wonderful.

You could prep a meal in 30 minutes or less.

Your children are adventurous eaters who love new flavors.

Dinner time was the perfect opportunity to raise cultural awareness in your kids?

Ladies, we have taken on one hell of a task. We have decided that on top of raising children, we also want a business of our own.

The combination of Parenting + Running a Business + Keeping the house clean, the laundry done, and everyone fed nutritious home-cooked meals… just about the most perfect recipe for insanity (and yelling) in existence.

But I like challenges. So here I am.

When my second child was born I realized something. I would never, ever, EVER keep up with my vision of being a parent and business owner if I didn’t adapt and start simplifying.

Meal planning and cooking needed a serious overhaul, as I went from spending two hours or more every night cooking, to barely having time to eat at all.

I sat down and wrote a checklist of everything that was important to me in a meal plan.

  • Free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and refined sugar.

  • Plenty of vegetables.

  • Meat-free meals that are satisfying and my husband would actually enjoy (he’s not the type of man to survive on salad).

  • Plenty of spices and flavor.

  • Cooking in the oven or Instant Pot.

  • No more than 30 minutes of prep time.

The more I contemplated and discussed this idea with my friends, another emerging need came to the surface.

I wanted to give my children a taste of other cultures

What would it look like to create a learning experience from our meals? One where we got to immerse ourselves in a slew of new spices and flavors over the course of a week, enjoy food and music different than our own?

I want to bring respect and admiration for other traditions and cultures to our dinner table. I want to marvel with my family at the magnificence of this world and it’s people; the meals that bring us comfort and a feeling of home, the music that delights us.

Bringing all of these elements together was challenging, but I’ve created a meal plan that brings me so much joy.

And I would love to have you and your family join us on this adventure. Not only because your children will benefit, but because YOU will find feeding yourself well to be absolutely essential to sustain these challenges you have taken on.

Feeding yourself well allows you to be a more compassionate parent, a more intuitive business woman, a more loving spouse.

You can do it all. But you have to feed yourself first.

The One Pot Meal Plan Membership

Here’s what my meal plan includes;

  • Calendar of Meals for the Month.

  • Bulk Shopping List of Spices and Pantry Items (many ordered online to save you time and money!)

  • Menu of Recipes from Around the World, free of grains, dairy, soy, corn, and refined sugar.

  • Shopping List of Produce Items for each week.

  • Music Playlist from each country.

  • Guidance and support from an AADP Certified Health Coach (ME!) and community of like-minded solo-preneurs and small business owners.

  • Community. Share stories from your cultural background. Get ideas on how to get your kid to eat more greens. Accountability to follow through on cooking and eating healthful meals every night. All in the closed Facebook group.

  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls to address specific health concerns and challenges.

Now imagine….you walk in the door to delicious smells coming from the Instant Pot where dinner is hot and waiting. You sink into your cozy slippers, start a playlist on the iPad from the culture of the night, and chat with your children as you put the final touches on your meal. You sink into the sofa with a glass of wine and read a story to your little guy while waiting for everyone to settle in. You let it be easy.

I’m offering this for the first time as a monthly membership

for $29 per month.

Enrollment is now open!




Each week you will receive a menu plan of five delicious recipes, all with the flavor of a different culture around the world. These recipes will require minimal time to prepare, or can be prepped ahead of time, and will cook easily in your oven or InstantPot (what I like to call "passive cooking"). I’ve also included a done-for-you shopping list to make your grocery trips the fastest they've ever been. Recipes are free of the top allergens; Grains, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Eggs, and Refined Sugars. Each week includes 3 meat-based and 2 vegan recipes.

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Music brings a culture to life. For your weekly cultural experience you will receive a link to a playlist of music on Spotify that reflects the culture of the meal. Play the music as you put the finishing touches on your dish, and dance along to a sound that you may have never heard before...and will likely bring a burst of joyful energy.