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I guess we've all made this mistake

I just started reading the book Choose Yourself by James Altucher. 

I'm actually devouring this book like a starving person and wondering why it took me so many years to get around to reading it. 

His book is a discussion of the current era, where it's time to stop asking permission, and start doing what we love. What we actually want to do. It's the perfect time to choose our own version of success. 

He describes his "Daily Practice" where he takes care of his Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Body.
You can read more about this on his blog by clicking HERE

As he says, nothing great happens until these things are taken care of regularly. 

It's also how you end the crash and burn cycle. 

And James speaks from experience (in a way that makes me laugh out loud, so it's even more fun to read his book). He has evolved from someone in computer programming to being a financial advisor, angel investor, and voice of influence in the lives of millions.  

So what's this have to do with food and meal planning?

Time and time again I see what happens when we start eating clean.

We have ideas. We have courage. We have energy. 

We suddenly know the next step to leave behind the job we hate, start a career we love, ask for a promotion, or fall in love all over again. 

Because our mind is CLEAR.

And because we start to realize that when we choose ourselves first, life gets better.

Then we forget what was working and fall off and have to start all over again.

My struggle for as long as I can remember has been being consistent. I like to change things up, but that means that I lose the practices that hold my world together.

So I've committed to a planning ritual every Sunday afternoon. I write in three things first;

  • My workouts. A 2 mile walk/run every morning.

  • My meals. I jot down my dinner plan for each night of the week in my calendar. 

  • A 2 hour block of "Thinking Time". Usually at the library or a coffee house, these two hours give my brain a sense of spaciousness, and suddenly energy and ideas begin to flow again. 

Your three things don't have to be the same as mine, but consider what does give you the clarity and energy you need. Write it down (Post-Its are great for this because you can move them from day to day in your calendar!).

Recognize this as your foundation, the rhythm that pulls you forward. Commit to ending the struggle. 

And read James' blog, it's awesome.

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