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Are you depressed....or dehydrated?

What do you drink in a day? Let me give you an example from a day in the life of a client (and myself in the not-so-distant past).

Coffee in the morning. Soda with lunch. Tea or a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. Wine with dinner.

Sound fairly normal? Sure.

You know what else is considered normal?

  • Constipation.

  • Weight gain.

  • Afternoon fatigue.

  • Mood swings.

  • Irritation.

  • Poor memory.

  • Difficulty focusing.

  • Chronic headaches.

  • Muscle cramps.

  • Premature aging.

    …….All side effects of dehydration

In fact, not one of the beverages I listed above hydrates your body. Each one increases dehydration by leaching essential minerals and requiring digestive power to filter and absorb. Minerals responsible for regulating your nervous system and keeping you mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced. Minerals and electrolytes that can only be replenished with adequate water.

Water is so essential to your body that your cognitive function declines the more dehydrated you become. You may feel jittery, or find yourself “spacing out” in the middle of your work day.

Physically, dehydration can show up as a powerful craving for sweets. Joint pain and muscle cramps. Skin that feels dry and itchy.

Most important, dehydration halts your ability to detoxify.

Your lymphatic system, responsible for carrying waste away from cells, cannot move waste without adequate water. And when your cells are swimming in waste…you end up with inflammation and pain. Left alone, this can also evolve into autoimmune illness. Your digestive system suffers too. It cannot excrete waste without the fluid needed for organs to filter toxins and process them out of your body.

It’s like your cells are swimming in their own toilet.  So that’s a nice image.

Now that you have a clear picture of how vital water is to your body, let’s talk about a few ways to make drinking it more interesting. And if you have been chronically dehydrated, how to get your body flush with fluid fast.

1)            Get a filter. Please. Because drinking bottled water is unsustainable. And drinking tap water is just another way to increase your toxic load with heavy metals and pesticides. I love the Berkey Gravity Filters. Simply constructed and easy to maintain. 

2)            Aim for 70 oz per day, or half your body weight in ounces. This is usually where I hear “WHAT??”  Yes, you need that much.

3)            For chronic dehydration, try cucumbers. If you are dealing with headaches or other symptoms you suspect are related to chronic dehydration, start your day with 16 oz of fresh cucumber juice, or add cucumber slices to your daily water bottle and allow to soak for an hour before drinking. Cucumbers increase hydration rapidly at a cellular level.

4) Add lemon, or other fruit. Lemon balances the pH in the body and replenishes minerals and electrolytes. It also acts as a buffer when drinking tap water in restaurants. If you find the lack of flavor in water to be an issue; try adding berries, mint leaves, or other fruits to your water to add a subtle flavor. Don’t over do it, and only use natural, organic fruits.

 And finally, get yourself a water bottle of stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastic that you can carry with you at all times. When you have water in front of you, naturally you will sip more through the day.

 Drinking water is a practice of caring for your body at the most basic level. This type of care has a far greater impact than you may realize, as we nourish and nurture our bodies to be at their best and most vital.