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"I cured my road rage..."

Would you believe that many of our negative emotions are sparked by an inflamed gut?

These are the words of a current client of mine:

“My drive home used to stress me out so much that I arrived home angry, irritable, and exhausted. Now I find I’m able to enjoy the drive, and stay peaceful while dealing with rush hour traffic!”

It’s true.

Because what causes a lot of negativity to rise?

Low blood sugar putting us in a state of fight or flight as our cortisol levels rise signaling our body to an emergency.

A digestive tract that is irritated by a food intolerance, or bacterial overgrowth, or a backlog of poorly digested food; creating low serotonin (the happiness hormone!), and an overactive immune system.

And lets not forget the liver. That vital organ responsible for so much purification, that is often overloaded by poor digestion and a host of foods that it is hard-pressed to process out of the body.

Anger and frustration can feel overwhelming, but taking off one layer of stress on the body with your food choices can start a shift toward a more positive state that we may have forgotten.

Start by taking out the main trigger foods—Wheat, Corn, Soy, Sugar, and Dairy.

Follow an elimination diet by taking out one of the above for one week, and notice how you feel.

What emotions surface?

How is your energy level?

How do you sleep at night?

On the eighth day, add in a few servings of the eliminated food, and ask yourself the same questions at the end of the day.

Awareness creates change. Experiencing what it feels like to give your body relief from stressful food, can be the catalyst toward sustaining positive changes that put your body at its best every day.

If you would like support in creating these changes, check out my 28-Day Digestive Reset, starting August 5th!