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Why trying to quit sugar is a waste of time...

Few things from a nutrition angle carry more shame than sugar cravings.

It’s hard for us to grasp that sugar addiction is not the problem in and of itself, often because we are so quick to blame ourselves for not being more in control. When the truth, as in most cravings and addictions, is the desire for sugar is actually a symptom of a deeper issue and unmet need.

We spend enormous amounts of mental and emotional energy trying to resist our perceived “weakness” for sugar instead of looking at our lifestyle practices and pinpointing the REAL issue.

Sugar addiction can stem from adrenal fatigue. From lack of sleep (hello! I’m a new parent, I know this one very well). A need for emotional comfort. Mineral deficiencies. Gut bacteria imbalance.

These underlying challenges can create;

·      Intense Cravings

·      Brain Fog and Lack of Focus

·      Weight Gain

·      Mid-Morning or Afternoon Fatigue

·      Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

·      Insulin Resistance

·      Mood Swings

And believe it or not, there are times when your body needs sugar. Such as when you are working out intensely or pushing your body and mind with too many demands and not enough rest. Burnt out adrenals need sugar.

So rather than resisting sugar, meet the bodies real need. Give it sugar that it can effectively utilize without creating inflammation.

Include foods like sweet potatoes, beans, squashes, quinoa, and….fresh fruit.

I rigidly left fruit out of my diet for five years, and paid the price of ending up with HIGH blood sugar from a pancreas and liver that were overloaded with too much animal fat and not enough natural sugar.

Last year I added in bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, blueberries, watermelon…..a host of delicious fruits. I felt as though I was feeding a starving body. I couldn’t get enough! And I watched my blood sugar stabilize, and my energy level increase.

One of my clients reduced his cholesterol dramatically, increased his energy, and lost several inches of belly bloat simply by eliminating two inflammatory foods from his diet and eating more fruit.

End the game of shame and judgment around sugar cravings and start upgrading the sugars you are eating to meet the demands of your body.

Begin to trust that every message your body sends you is in service of your best and highest good. Your body is the ally, not the enemy. 


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