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Moving from reaction to action...

The majority of my clients start working with me to overcome the health challenges they are facing…they feel exhausted much of the day, yet can’t sleep well at night; they are increasingly gaining weight in spite of trying to work out and eat well; they are experiencing bloating and digestive discomfort daily, sometimes to the point where they have to leave work in the middle of the day, or worse, they live in fear of being embarrassed in front of clients or staff.

These are the reasons we begin working together. Yet it quickly becomes clear that when they begin to show up for themselves in this way around their food choices, that they are shifting their focus on a much more foundational level.

They are becoming intentional in their actions.

As business owners, we tend to live in a state of reactivity. We are often pumping adrenaline and cortisol all day, responding to the next urgent need that crosses our path.

This can make us feel powerful, productive, like we are kicking ass. We love to be the ones that bring solutions. We WANT our staff and customers to rely on us. It’s addictive, really.

And this is precisely why we can stay stuck spinning in the same circles. Experiencing the same results both in business and our personal lives.

We can only go as far as our ability to stay ahead and respond to our circumstances.  

When we become intentional and proactive in our approach, we become fully present and capable of integrating the feedback we are receiving. This feels counterproductive at first because it requires slowing down enough to become aware.

Without awareness, there is no change…and there is no growth.

When you are acting with intention you actually create space. You create quiet. Space from which others and yourself can take new action, and bring forward new results.

I do believe it all begins with listening to your body. Meeting those needs first is the fastest way I know to expand your capacity and begin creating instead of reacting to circumstances.

You become the driver of your results rather than their slave.

And that is something worth mastering.

If this speaks to you, join me for the next Virtual Retreat for Business Owners starting April 22nd. In this 28-day experience, we create the quiet space and support to bring you to awareness and lead you through the steps of expanding your capacity. Acting and growing your business with intention while nurturing the evolution of your best self.

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