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The answer to achieving more in your day...

Do you spend the majority of your day feeling scattered, mentally overwhelmed, and pulled in every direction?

Do mealtimes and breaks feel like an irritating itch that must be scratched?

I see the distinction between living in reaction vs. living in intention to be vitally important to our success in anything we endeavor to do. 

We either spend our time reacting to what is happening to us, or slowing down to intentionally organize so that no matter what comes at us, we stay in the drivers seat. 

Reacting feels like putting out fires. It's that feeling of mental exhaustion at the end of the day. Of feeling unproductive in spite of doing so much.

Intention is seeing what's ahead. It's looking up instead of down. Its actively creating our experience and our future in each moment. 

Two areas that you can immediately begin to apply focused intention;

1) Set up focus hours. 
Identify the tasks that are your greatest contribution to your business or workplace. The tasks that create the most momentum and results. Schedule those tasks for the morning between 9 and 11 am and protect them. This is the time of day your brain and body are most prepared for focused thinking. Maximize it.

2) Your habits.
The very word "habit" implies a lack of intention. Look at what you habitually do every day and see how you can upgrade one habit. If you always go to lunch at the same place, list three new lunch locations to try. Preferably with healthier options. 

If you go to the vending machine for peanut M&M's every afternoon (true story from my life by the way!) schedule a stop on your way home to stock quality dark chocolate (Lily's and Lindt are my favs), nuts like hazelnuts and Brazil nuts that give you a wonderful energy boost, and maybe some dried dates or figs for a little sweetness when you need it. 

It's not the number of tasks we do every day, but what we do with intention that creates real results. 

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