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Why aligned is how I want to feel in 2018...

Welcome to 2018! 

I'm quite excited to be here. I spent last week reviewing last year and planning for the next, and this is the first year I've planned starting from how I want to feel rather than what I want to see happen. This is thanks to Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map, which I was introduced to only a few months ago. 

I held myself to three primary emotions that will be driving my experience this year. 


I don't really know what I meant by Aligned when I first wrote it down. But it grew as I contemplated it's meaning until it became the driving emotion behind all my planning. 

To be Aligned means that force is gone, and flow is the order of the day. Instead of trying to bring others into alignment with me, I am aligning myself with my higher intentions and leading by example. 

To be Aligned means that every choice I make during the day has the power to bring me into greater, or lesser, alignment with who I am and what I am creating. That's power. 

To be Aligned, means that I am expending the majority of my energy moving in one consistent direction and gaining serious momentum in the process. Achieving results much more rapidly, and in much greater scope, than trying to separately micro-manage the many aspects of my life. 

To be Aligned means that my body is an instrument that I can learn to skillfully tune.  

Previously, I have set goals for my life as if it were separate compartmentalized sections. Goals for my physical health, my business, my spiritual growth, my relationships.

Alignment washes all of this away by recognizing that EVERYTHING in your experience is impacting how you feel, how you perform, and how successful you are. This liberates you to act from the Big Picture, and make fewer insignificant decisions, because you already know what you need to do. Which is really the only way I've ever been able to achieve sustainable results in my own life or the lives of my clients. 

Sleeping 8 hours per night becomes of critical importance when you see it as impacting the speed with which you achieve financial growth this year.

Eating three nutritious meals every day is non-negotiable when you know that going hungry means your sales for the day will drop or you will be unable to give a motivating and convincing presentation.  

Appropriate pauses and breath-work in your day become a priority when you realize that by increasing your awareness you tune in to errors, resolve problems more quickly, and save serious cash along the way. 

Start by looking for the ONE thing that is creating the greatest limitation on your daily performance and experience. Write down all the ways this is affecting your life and your business. If you can, write down what this is costing you.

Then brainstorm one action you can take that will bring relief. How would this feel? The desire for that emotion, and the awareness of the impact, will be all the power you need. 

If you'd like support around bringing your body into alignment with your vision for your business, I invite you to join us on January 15th for a 28-Day Virtual Retreat for Business Owners, where we will cover nutrition, mindfulness, and energy management and the most effective strategies to create sustainable results. 


May ever greater alignment be yours.

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