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Modeling seasonal living...

I try on ideas for a while before I decide if they work for me. Something like; "If this were true...what would I do or believe?" 

And then I measure the results. 

In the past few months I've been testing a new model of what it means to live seasonally. This evolved from a place of exhaustion with the idea that I should be able to make myself feel inspired, motivated, and successful all the time. I could no longer ignore the fact that there are significant portions of time where I feel as though I'm just mired in this quiet place where nothing happens at all. 

It was in the midst of the "nothing is happening!" phase that I began to wonder if there is really something wrong with feeling more quiet. With thinking deeply. With evaluating. 

Maybe it's not me. Maybe the model I'm acting from needs to be changed to ALLOW for such times. My model of how I should be moving through life is, I believe, a fairly common one for most people. It looks like this;

Season 1.jpeg

Essentially, it tells me that there is no such thing as Renewal time. That the ultimate goal is to be moving from Success back to Inspiration with as little lag time as possible. 

Yet, I know that this is not really how anything on our planet truly thrives. The planet moves through seasons which allow it to bring forth it's best creation. And if we are honest, so do we. 

There are hundreds of books written about the benefits of eating seasonal foods. But the idea of allowing and even welcoming our own individual seasons is largely ignored. 

What does this have to do with health, you may ask?

It is in pushing through or trying to skip over the Renewal phase that depletes us. It is in Renewal that we evaluate where we are and what is NOT working. It can feel very dark at times, as though we may never find our way out. It can feel as though everything in our experience is frustrating or exhausting. But these are all clues of what needs to be shifted, let go of, or changed. It's the point where what is not working hits us between the eyeballs. And yes, that can feel overwhelming or even hopeless.

When we resist Renewal, we take ourselves down. Our health suffers as we deplete our energy resources. Our passion and meaning suffer as we struggle to find depth. And our results diminish as we no longer produce or create from an authentic place. The most difficult truth....the longer we resist Renewal, the longer we have to stay in Renewal to get back to our Inspiration. It is the calm, the void, from which a new creation can sprout. 

Usually, I find that my greatest clarity comes as soon as I can sit with my fear that I will never again feel motivated, inspired, or passionate. My greatest burst of energy comes when I accept that what I'm doing feels right even if I can't see the results yet. 

It is a lie that allowing and planning for Renewal time is an excuse, or that it slows down your true progress. It actually makes progress, and health, sustainable.  

My new model looks like this;

Season 2 1.jpeg

If you have been struggling to find your motivation and drive, consider that you may be in a period of Renewal. Accept it, allow it. If you are so inclined, journal around what you find unacceptable in your life right now, what feels intolerable. Give yourself the gift of clarity, so that your next inspiration and action will take you further and higher than ever before. 

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