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Disconnection from your body will cost you

In a client session this week we discussed the cost of disconnection. So frequently we look at the body as a hindrance, a vehicle that frequently malfunctions and often demands maintenance and care at a level that we do not care to give. Top performers are often the best at checking out of their body and existing in the mental state where everything can be addressed logically and importance is given to those areas where real progress can be easily seen and measured. It may not appear that becoming fully present and living in your body will benefit your performance or long term goals. 

Yet not doing so can cost you dearly, when what begins as minor malfunction grows into devastating debilitation. Or when you are simply missing out on the level of performance and productivity that could be achieved if you elevated your system. 

We are beings that thrive when the areas of our lives work together interdependently. Each piece plays a part. Nourishing your physical body as a cherished gift, or a highly valuable asset, makes it your ally instead of your enemy. Bring your body on board with the direction of your goals, and it will serve you endlessly; providing the essential strengths of clarity, focus, creativity and intuition. No amount of thinking, logic, or drive will get you there; but your body can.