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The Energy Deficit; The Cost of External Energy Sources [3-Minute Video]

You know that feeling of being on edge? Where your energy is up, you are on the move and getting it done...but if something doesn't go your way you explode? You may even feel as though you can't control your reactions, and as you observe your behavior you wonder how you could possibly be overreacting to such a degree. Often you can suppress the external display of these reactions, but inwardly you are ready to take a sledgehammer to the wall. 

This is just one example of what I call "The Energy Deficit." Where we have become accustomed to using artificial, external resources to supply our body with the energy needed to reach our optimal "high." This may be multiple cups of coffee. Sugar addiction. Large portions of comfort foods. Over-booking the social calendar.

But for any high, there is always a price to be paid. 

Trying to meet your energy needs with artificial or external sources creates a deficit. And this often shows up in heightened emotional reactions, intense cravings, and difficulty sleeping. 

The farther you go down the road of relying on outside sources, the more vulnerable you become and the more difficult it is to break the habit. 

But the results are well worth the effort.

When you transition to generating your own internal energy and build up your physical resources, you have  supply of clarity, focus, intuition, and emotional and physical resilience that can take you further than you have ever gone before. Or than you ever thought possible.

It all starts with a plan. A plan that covers what, where, when, why, and how. What to focus on first, where to gather resources, when to fit these transformational changes into your routine, why this is important for you, and how to act out and implement. 

Many of the pieces of this plan are covered in my upcoming webinar; 

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There is freedom in generating energy instead of grasping for it and holding your emotions at bay. 

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