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The disconnect that makes willpower useless...

I remember when I used to believe I was weak because I felt sick so often. Anything that I ate seemed to cause bloating, heaviness, fatigue, and pain. 

Yet I had zero staying power to keep myself on track with healthier foods. I felt it was a lost cause. My maximum capacity for resisting was 2 weeks before I caved and binged on exactly the foods I knew I needed to stay away from. 

So much guilt and self-loathing sprung from this pattern. 

How could I possibly be so weak? 

It took many years, and hundreds of attempts to "improve" my willpower before I gave up and realized that this was NOT my problem.

The real problem was a disconnection. 

A disconnection between what my mind logically knew needed to be done, and the state of my body.

My body was doing what it needed to do to keep functioning to the best of it's ability. My idea of what a perfect diet looked like and how easy it SHOULD be, was keeping me focused on controlling my mind instead of giving my body the tools to function differently. 

I hear this same story all the time.

"I know I should be able to control myself." 
"I just lack the willpower."
"I know I need to try harder."

Lies, all of it. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm always going to call my clients up to take personal responsibility for the habits they are creating. But there is a whole host of other factors that can prevent you from experiencing the level of physical health (the only true wealth, as a matter of fact) that you want to create and maintain. 

Here are a few;

1) Leaky Gut. The #1 issue I support my clients in overcoming. 
2) Weakened Digestion. Usually a result of low quality food and high-level stress. 
3) Food Sensitivities. 
4) Bacterial or Viral Infection.
5) Heavy Metal Toxicity. 

Each of these has the power to override any amount of willpower and to keep you in a weakened state craving the wrong foods and fighting through brain fog and exhaustion. 

I cover each of these and my 8 Steps to Healing the Gut in my upcoming webinar on April 24th; COOLING INFLAMMATION; The Fast Track Approach to Improving Joint Health, Physical Performance and Boosting Energy Levels.  If you resonate with any of the challenges I mentioned above, I hope you will join me and bring your biggest challenges and questions. CLICK HERE to register. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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