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The power of "mini" renewal sessions...

I've happened upon some amazing books recently, and the one I'm reading this week is The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Within 15 minutes I had concrete strategies to implement based on what these two brilliant men shared. 

The one that I've been mulling over today is the concept of mini renewal sessions. What they describe as "the time between points." In summary, how consciously we renew our energy in between our bursts of activity and productivity. I've thought about this frequently, and even taught it to clients, but never put it into such a perfect container or considered how truly important this practice is.

The time between points is your opportunity to balance yourself. To consciously disengage and let your mind come back to center, to regulate your breathing and your heart rate, to refresh yourself. Just like so many health practices, balancing yourself is best done on a daily (or even hourly!) basis. Luxury vacations that leave you feeling like a fish out of water, and as though you have no idea what to do with yourself but you feel you should be doing something, are not the same thing. 

Just like a healthy meal, drinking water, or meditation, renewing your energy throughout the day makes the difference in how happy you feel and how well you sustain your energy levels. It gives you the chance to see clearly, and to bring your body and emotions on board with boosting your performance. 

My intention this week is to begin to take these mini renewal sessions more seriously. Starting with my breathing and conscious breath-work, mini-meditations, 10-minute yoga routines, and one of my favorites--hot tea. I like the idea of engaging a different part of my brain during these short sessions; so perhaps its time to pull out my relaxation coloring book or foreign language tapes!

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