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Why starving yourself to splurge later is a bad idea...

Thanksgiving! The holiday of over-eating, and truthfully, one of my favorites. 

Every year, I have clients tell me,
"I'm not going to eat all day so I can enjoy a big feast with my family!"

So here is what I tell them.

If you want to keep your body balanced, the best way you can start your Thanksgiving holiday is with a satisfying, healthy breakfast. Preferably one that is not filled with carbs and sugar. 

Starving yourself actually makes your cortisol levels rise, your body goes into emergency mode, and refuses to burn any fat because it doesn't know when you will eat again. Then when you start in on that huge plate of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, your blood sugar spikes, your insulin levels go up, and your body starts storing fat like crazy. Not to mention that after your heavy meal, your blood sugar will come crashing back down, making you feel exhausted, and often leaving you with a headache and feeling of brain fog. 

I used to wonder why I always felt so sick and nauseated after Thanksgiving, when I enjoyed the meal so much!

We started a tradition of making veggie scrambles in our house on Thanksgiving morning with pastured eggs, spinach, sliced zucchini, and yellow squash. Sometimes we add in goat milk feta and a splash of hot sauce for an extra kick. As an alternative, especially for those that may be sensitive to eggs, I also love making a hash of chopped sweet potatoes and veggies sautéed in coconut oil. This breakfast sustains us, keeps our blood sugar stable, and allows us to arrive at Thanksgiving dinner ready to indulge in all our favorite dishes, without the after-party hangover.

Just something to think about while you are making your last minute preparations.

Now it's your turn! What is your traditional Thanksgiving breakfast? Share below in the comments!

Wishing you a most wonderful holiday with those you love!