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Responding to your bodies wisdom...

I woke up this morning to news of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. In starting my day and entering into my routine, I continuously found myself distracted. Scrolling social media for news, thoughts wandering in all directions, feeling scattered. 

Checking in with myself, I realized that my body was calling me to deep meditation. I stopped what I was doing for 30 minutes and allowed myself to follow my own guidance. Focusing in on the pain of this incident, and allowing my thoughts and feelings to ebb and flow through my body.  

I went back to work. Until again in the afternoon I felt the same nudge.

Another 30 minutes of meditation. 

In the midst of this I was reminded of the many times that I have resisted these urges and fought back against an impulse as "unnecessary" or "I need to wait for a better time."

As important as it can be to structure our lives to produce the best results possible, deviation is always necessary. Because at the end of the day it is not so much what we produced, as much as what we experienced, how we grew, what we sent out to the world. Whether it's meditation, prayer, a random act of kindness, answering your child's call, or stopping to listen to a friend. 

In a book that changed my life forever, Power vs. Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins describes how the positive state of one person has the power to impact 10,000 others. Meditation studies in the D.C. area have shown how groups of people meditating on love and peace reduce the rate of violence and crime. 

Your body carries a wisdom all it's own. It is constantly processing information at a rate and on levels unknown. Taking the time to interrupt your structure for the random calls can not only make you a healthier and happier person, it can actually change the world. 



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