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The one resolution that changes everything...

I shared with you before the holidays that last year I got tired of being someone who never has enough. 

Always at the beginning of the year, it's easier than ever to play the comparison game with role models and friends, and find reasons to feel like I'm not exactly where I want to be. And to build new aspirations of reaching perfection. Nothing takes me out of gratitude more quickly. Nothing halts progress more effectively. 

It leads to living in extremes. 

Extremes like that 40 day juice cleanse. Joining the expensive gym when you only have 15 minutes a day to workout. Pushing yourself  to fit another 10 hours of work into your week. Committing to hosting a dinner party when you barely have time to plan healthy meals for yourself. Living in extreme is the best way to start disrespecting and disapproving of yourself. 

People love to project an image of having and doing it all, but I'm here to tell you that some aspect of their life is paying the price. I have been guilty more times than I can count of being energetic and sociable, giving my best to work and friends...and bringing home a tired, angry, irritable person who picks fights and only wants to sleep. What kind of progress is that?!

What promotes progress is BALANCE.

Balance looks like going to bed on time so you can be fresh for your meeting in the morning. Creating a nutrition plan that works for your bodies unique needs. Starting with what you know you can achieve. Taking responsibility for your experience. Tuning in to your emotions. 

Balance looks like loving yourself first. 

And that is the resolution I suggest you commit to following this year. To live in a state of balance. Which is often very, very far from our idea of perfection....but promotes greater growth and joy than you can imagine. 

I'm really excited about exploring this idea with you in my upcoming teleclass on January 23rd. Join me as I discuss the steps to building a sustainable lifestyle foundation that allows you to maintain balance by harnessing the power of nutrition, and addressing the hidden saboteurs that hold you back from greater health and success.

CLICK HERE to register for the class. 

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