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If you need support to get organized this year...

Recently, I talked about the challenge of tuning in to messages your body is sending you so that adjustments can be made BEFORE things get serious.

Many times, these messages are also obstructed because your environment is cluttered and disorganized, and your mind reflects this chaos.  

This is where Barbara Hemphill and Andrea Anderson of the Productive Environment Institute come in. Connecting with them at a recent conference was a marvelous stroke of luck. In 15 minutes flat Barbara not only solved my organizational challenges around paper clutter and a confusing computer filing system, she gave me solutions for safeguarding my data for the long term. Talking with her, I realized again the importance of a clear environment. Not only does clutter and disorganization cause lack of focus, distraction and lost productivity….it drains our energy and motivation. For me, it has a big impact on my stress level as it affects my ability to present with ease and professionalism.

With many of my clients, as their health and energy levels return and they begin to work from an abundance of energy rather than a depleted state, they experience a renewed desire to organize their life as a reflection of their new inner being.
Barbara has 38 years of experience teaching, writing, and developing the most effective systems of organization, paper management, time and information management, and work/life balance, and she is a compassionate guide to lead you toward implementing solutions once and for all.
Visit her website to receive her free Office Transformation Blueprint to walk you through her custom step by step process at;

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday week!

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