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Why slowing it down boosts your effectiveness...

One of my favorite clients is a manager in the organization where she works and uses her position to challenge herself not only in her work performance, but in her abilities as an authentic leader. She sees this as an opportunity to evolve spiritually while pursuing her career ambitions. LOVE that!

Recently she has had a crisis of confidence and after exploring all the areas where she feels as though she is not as knowledgable, informed, or connected with her team as she would like to be...there was one challenge creating all the rest. 

She is constantly rushed. 

She is too rushed to take the time to build rapport and connect more authentically with others, so confrontations with her team are difficult. 

She feels she lacks technical knowledge, when the truth is she is too rushed to really process the issue and apply what she does know. 

She ends her day feeling like she has been putting out fires rather than productively accomplishing important tasks.

In my career as well, nothing kills my motivation and effectiveness faster than feeling that I am running hard all day....and accomplishing nothing of importance. Or when my pace is so frantic that I make large and expensive mistakes!

What adjustments might be made to slow down enough to increase effectiveness?

1) Delegate. Always a challenge for leaders and business owners who feel they can do it all and do it better.

2) Time management. Yeah, yeah, we all try to do that. 

This is what I've found works, and works consistently.......

ELIMINATE. And I realize that this may seem impossible at first glance. But in 5 years of working with leaders and has been my experience that there is always, always, ALWAYS something that can be eliminated from the task list. 

Usually its one of the things that your ego insists only you can handle, but actually has very little to do with your responsibility as a leader. 

My challenge to you is to go through your responsibilities and look for 3 things that can be eliminated from your weekly tasks. One is usually easy to find, but two or three requires some deep digging. 

And do this twice a year.

The era of rushed and frantic is over. Authentic leaders know the era of focus and connection is here.