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Why healthy eating isn't enough...

Last time I wrote to you I introduced the idea of energy management and how it can make or break you and your business or career. 

I recently reached a major roadblock in my own energy management. I realized that I could do all the things I had on my schedule, achieve the level of success I am aiming toward, and be all the things I want to be to those in my life.....if I was a robot. 

Because being human, it is absolutely impossible.

I have emotions that have to be managed and addressed, thoughts and beliefs that need to be examined, and I need space to think and create. And there is simply a limit to what I can achieve and give, and the level of excellence at which I can perform, while keeping my sanity in tact.

And it doesn't matter how physically healthy I am, if I don't address these things and put routines in place to meet my own needs, then I'm still failing. I'm just another stressed-out, burned-out, angry person. And there is nothing healthy about that. 

So the first step in energy choosing your focus. Identifying no more than three, very specific, very concrete priorities. My three are my immediate family, my business, and myself.

Anything else, not nurturing or supporting these immediate three, has got to go. 

And that can be painful, and bring up feelings of guilt, or resistance to actually making a choice and decision about where you are putting your focus. 

But on the other side of all that old much freedom. So much fresh AIR. When your energy is given a clear focus, there is no limit to what you can do.

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