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When your business is your art...

I'm in the midst of reading a fantastic book right now. BIG MAGIC; Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is all about nurturing your creativity to bring forth your best work, for no other reason than because you enjoy it. Connecting with your life purpose as your art.

Most would consider this completely unrelated to business. But to me it is essential to connect the two; art and business. 

I know for me, building my business IS my art.

I pour my passion and my creativity into the work that I do, I experience an overwhelming desire to learn to perform at a higher level and offer even better work. And this pays off in dollars. But it also pays off in a hugely satisfying life. 

I've learned to manage myself differently than most in the business community. And I have recently learned to describe this as "energy management". 

This is in no way similar to time management. The purpose of time management is to maximize what we can do in a day. I'm a big believer in that too.

Energy management is what allows you to bring forth your best every day; your best ideas, your best mood, your best relational skills, your best performance. And to act from a baseline of happiness. 

Energy management is when we begin to pay attention to what brings us energy and what depletes our energy. We practice utilizing all the different aspects of our lives to nourish ourselves.

It's so easy when running a business or in the midst of a demanding career to believe that our relationships, our food choices, our exercise routines, our emotions....are all just a distraction from our business success. To see them as a burden. But the truth is these are EXACTLY the areas that will make you or break you in the long term. These are the pieces that support you to create your best art.

So pay attention. And if you are ready to take an honest look at what may need to shift in these areas for you to consistently bring your best to the table, than let's talk.