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If you have ever felt as though your body is quitting on you...

One of the things I love most about working with business owners and leaders....they are very motivated to shift when what is not working is brought to their attention. 

The only problem is often GETTING their attention. 

We don't have time for what is not immediately relevant to our goals.  

And this is a problem because our bodies are sending us messages all the time. Hunger, fatigue, pain. Physical signals, but also emotional signals. 

We can become excellent at ignoring or tuning out these messages. But the body simply increases the frequency and urgency until we absolutely cannotignore them any longer. This is a biological program of survival. The body has the power to shut you down if you don't listen. 

If you are lucky, this shutdown will be fatigue or a minor illness that you can bounce back from with a little rest and relaxation. 

If you are not so lucky.....well, we see the rate of serious and chronic disease in the news every day.

Leaders and business owners are particularly prone to the latter. Because it often requires a really strong, unavoidable message to finally get their attention. 

And this is even more tragic because after building your life; creating your business, reaching your dream career--what could be worse then ending that story with pain and suffering?

I believe that business owners and leaders are the foundation of our future. That there has never been a better time to create and enjoy a career and life that you love, because taking individual responsibility for your own success and happiness puts you in a place of power....where dramas of the world can't touch you. 

Tuning in takes practice. But most importantly, it requires creating an environment. The right environment allows you to manage your energy differently. To rejuvenate, replenish and energize on a daily basis instead of only when your body or mind refuses to continue. 

So the question is, what messages are you ignoring? Begin to bring them to the surface. Notice them, acknowledge them, write them down. Set a timer to remind you to check in with yourself through the day and begin to pay attention. These may appear as moments of anger, or frustration, or they may appear as chronic pain, frequent headaches, or mental fatigue. 

If this resonates with you.....I'm going to be sharing some of the tools to effectively manage your energy and build your personal success environment in my next teleclass on November 28th. CLICK HERE for more information or to register to join the class. 

Utilize your body's amazing power by learning to make your body and mind an ally instead of an enemy.