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3 pleasurable shifts that make healthy living feel easy and natural...

There is one surefire way to make change last and become an integral part of your daily routine. 

It must bring you pleasure.

"Health" and "Boring" are often synonymous because we cannot find the pleasure. It appears as an endless cycle of deprivation, self-loathing, and stark discipline...all for some eventual payoff of being "healthy," whatever that means. Jogging at 4 am and eating salad. I hate jogging. And I especially hate getting up before 6 am.

It is natural for business owners who are accustomed to pushing harder when they need results, to believe that the solution to overcoming any challenge is just to work harder...more hours, more discipline.

I'm guilty of that type of thinking myself. My default response is to view my natural tendencies as the PROBLEM instead of the solution. What I've found works for me and my clients, is to work WITH our natural preferences and personalities. 

For example, after years of trying to get up at 5 am to workout and failing almost every day....I scheduled a yoga class for myself every evening after work. I like yoga, it focuses and relaxes me, and it forces me to respect boundaries around my work hours. Beautiful. 

Here are three pleasurable changes that can boost your energy and make healthy living seem easy and natural;

1) Honor your personality. If you are someone who thrives on social engagement; join fitness classes, invite friends over to cook with you, and plan a fun activity with people you love on the weekends.

If you need space to do your best work and feel rejuvenated by being alone, use online services like YogaGlo to find workouts that you can do in the peace of your own home, and pay attention to how much down-time you need to be at your best.

2) Make note in your schedule of the tasks or activities you hate, and see if changing the time of day, or who is involved, or how you are performing that task, makes it something you enjoy and look forward to completing. I enjoy cooking dinner when I have an abundance of fresh foods in the refrigerator and the freedom to create. Others thrive on having a set menu and a recipe to follow.

3) Set yourself up for success. Life becomes so much easier 

  • To have fresh ingredients on hand and enjoy cooking, a trip to the grocery or farmer's market on the weekend has to happen. OR, I have used a local produce delivery service like The Produce Box. Love them!
  • On Sunday's, I turn the music up and spend an hour to roast a chicken or make a batch of organic turkey burgers that I can pack in lunches or eat with some veggies for breakfast.
  • I buy coconut milk by the case because I can blend it with my favorite protein powder for an instant breakfast or snack.

Just a few simple ideas to get you started. You may enjoy hearing about how Krystyl lost 23 lbs in 2 months and began sleeping through the night by throwing discipline out the window. You can hear her story, and those of other past clients, in my free 30-minute audio class. CLICK HERE to listen.