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Reinventing work hard, play hard, get sick, and repeat...

One of the greatest shifts that occurred during my journey to health was that I stopped getting sick. 

Obviously, I still catch colds or mild sickness from time to time, but I'm talking about the kind of sickness that would wipe me out for an entire week....or sometimes more. The kind of sickness that happens when your body has nothing left to give to the fight.

The way I was able to overcome this was noticing and interrupting a pattern.

Most people love to think of sickness as something outside of their control. That they are victims to illness and there is nothing they can do about it. And that may be true in some cases. But I certainly believe that you can set yourself up for managing sickness, or nurturing wellness. 

My pattern of sickness was easily track-able once I started to pay attention.

I would work hard, push hard every day, and then because I needed to burn off that stress I would stay up really late, overbook myself with activities, and binge eat my personal favorites...Doritos and chocolate chip cookies. Hell, I'd earned it! 

I would run myself into the ground, get so sick that I couldn't leave my house for days, and then start all over again.

I would get a lot accomplished during the weeks where I was feeling strong, but all of that progress would get washed away by the chaos that ensued when I couldn't show up to work. I was left with a big mess to clean up, unhappy customers, unpaid bills, and destroyed schedules. And the worst part was this was happening almost every month!

I started to notice the triggers that told me something was out of balance BEFORE my body went into sickness to get the rest and care it needed. 

When junk-food cravings hit; I chose a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate and an early bed-time.

When I was tempted to commit to yet another activity or project, I took five minutes to breathe and ask myself if that was something I genuinely WANTED to do, and would it energize or deplete me?

I began to put the pieces together to build my personal lifestyle foundation, giving me the energy and stamina to achieve the results I wanted in my business AND in my personal life.

And also put me in tune with how GOOD I could feel every day! It's so easy to forget how wonderful that can be : )

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