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How your food choices are impacting your leadership skills...

Leadership in any organization can be the toughest job out there.

I have had clients that have achieved amazing success in their career or business, who come to a dead stop when they have evolved to the point where they must lead a team or learn how to motivate and direct others. 

Think about what creates great leadership.

A few things that come to mind; connection, empathy, clear communication, reasonable expectations, solid decision-making skills.

These are skills that can be developed, but you can either do it the hard way and be fighting a constant uphill battle, or you can master the lifestyle foundation that allows you to achieve these skills with ease.

Early in my career, I was in charge of a team of 10 men from all different backgrounds, as a fresh-faced 20 year old managing my family's furniture restoration business. Being young, I had a big ego, and I thought that if I just clearly outlined what these guys needed to get done each week, things would sail along beautifully. 

I tried shouting, screaming, negotiating, bribing. Nothing worked. I led those guys right into total chaos and disorganization. And in the process, I survived on Wendy's hamburgers, Chinese take-out, and Starbucks. Things got so bad, that one day my entire team walked out and refused to come back just before the Thanksgiving rush. 

Something clearly needed to change. 

I began my nutrition education, and made a few changes. I learned that when I skipped breakfast, I was easily irritated and angry because my blood sugar dropped too low mid-morning. 

I learned that when I drank a venti caramel macchiato to stay focused and get more done, it made me so jittery from caffeine and sugar, that I couldn't focus or think clearly and my productivity would actually drop. 

I learned that when I ate pasta for lunch I could barely stay awake in the afternoon. 

As I began to elevate my food choices, my leadership abilities started to improve also. When I felt balanced and clear, it was easy to connect with the team and see where the problems were in our systems. Because my energy began to skyrocket, I had the motivation and focus to pinpoint the problems and come up with new solutions that supported the team's performance. And of course, my attention and concern with how I could best support the team, brought about levels of loyalty and cooperation that had previously been non-existent. 

Making these changes is an investment in yourself and your business that few recognize or choose to make. It takes effort, and a willingness to leave behind old habits to become even better. 

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