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Why trying too hard to be healthy was making her fat...

I recently had a Breakthrough Session with a new client, and halfway through our conversation I realized that the problem was not that she wasn't doing enough to stay healthy....the problem was she was doing TOO much. 

Everywhere she went she felt restricted and limited in her food choices. She felt she had to keep eliminating more and more foods to reach the results she was looking for. 

There is a critical tipping point in building a healthy lifestyle. That is the point where joy in everyday living is consumed by the energy it takes to stay on top of doing it "right". 

The stress and elevated cortisol levels caused by the pressure of never making a wrong food choice or a wrong move, can actually keep you stuck....even if you exercise daily and eat cleanly 99% of the time.  

It's a perfectionist trap. 

I had two suggestions for this client at the end of our session. The first was to choose one of the many health strategies she was working with and master it. Make it something that she does easily and effortlessly through her day. It is much simpler to build on the success of one strategy than to feel in a state of defeat for not implementing many. 

The second suggestion is to start treating herself to food she enjoys once per week, without any dietary restrictions. 

It's time to stop blaming our unhealthy habits on a lack of self-discipline. A mind consumed with counting calories and limiting sugar is not going to think creatively about the next project or maintain the focus required to follow through on a new idea. 

What does work, is identifying the lifestyle factors that are driving unhealthy habits and addressing them, one at a time. Creating a solid foundation that you can build on, giving your body what it needs to take your business and career to the next level. 

I work exclusively with business owners and other professionals with demanding careers, because I know firsthand what it's like. And it's my passion to make this totally doable for YOU.

If you are ready to take an honest look at what is keeping you stuck, and find solutions, and take it one easy step at a time...then let's talk. CLICK HERE to book your Breakthrough Session. 

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