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Why digestion is sabotaging your joy...

My favorite client success story is Noureen. She came to me after months of battling terrible digestive issues and extreme fatigue. Her physical and emotional health were at an all time low. She wasn't able to work the way she wanted to, even part time hours required more energy than she had to give. 

Most importantly, as a result of her health issues, she was questioning her ability to care for her family and be a good mother to her two young daughters.

"Before I started working with Rachel, I felt my health spiraling down and felt I was no longer fit to be a wife and mother...."
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What you may not realize is that digestive issues like bloating, constipation, cramping in the stomach and intestines, fatigue after meals, heartburn and reflux.....these all take a toll not only on your physical performance, but on your emotional health as well. 

There is a reason the digestive system is often nicknamed "the second brain". And there are two aspects to this....the foods you are eating, and the way they are broken down. 

With Noureen, it was a matter of simplifying. Adding in all the foods that her body needed to create energy; clean protein, healthy fats and the right carbs. The second stage was addressing the life issues that were keeping her body from being able to digest food efficiently.

There are so many issues in the life of a business owner and professional that can sabotage digestion. The fast-paced life, hidden stressors and anxiety, old emotional wounds. 

When the wrong foods are putting stress on a body that is already maxed out, then the effects continue to intensify. 

Noureen and I worked on stress-reduction and emotional healing as we also addressed shifts in her daily meals, and within 2 weeks she began to notice a dramatic difference. By the end of our work together, she was back to working, caring for her family, and even went on a vacation to Italy with her husband!

Life is too short to feel like you can't be the best for your business AND your family....just because a few lifestyle factors are getting in your way. If you are ready to discover what changes you can make in the New Year to be your best, let's talk. 

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