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These foods were keeping my client drained...

Here's what you may feel.....You wake up in the morning. Your face is puffy and dark circles are under your eyes. Your joints ache. Your stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. 

This was a daily experience for one of my clients. She was a hardworking financial director at a large insurance firm. The foods she was eating were draining her energy, leaving her depleted and miserable. Trying to push through her bodies cries for help AND be present for the demands of her job, left her at the end of the day feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. 

The most common foods that I see zapping my clients energy and leaving them feeling bloated, irritable and exhausted, are;

1) Wheat, Corn and Rice. These foods are highly processed and refined, making them the main culprits in an instant blood sugar high. And that leads to the high and low energy symptoms throughout the day that we've talked about in the past. 

Instead of lunching on pasta or a sub sandwich, try a baked chicken thigh smothered in guacamole or salsa, a scoop of quinoa and a side of fresh veggies. If I have a lunch meeting, I will often suggest an Asian restaurant, where I can order a stir fry with extra veggies instead of rice. I promise you'll feel lighter and more focused. 

2) Dairy. The lactose and casein in dairy foods are indigestible to some people, especially those starting from a place of poor digestion. Dairy foods can cause inflammation (achy joints, skin flare-ups, poor elimination) as well in those that are sensitive.

Coconut milk and almond milk are not only creamy and delicious in everything from coffee to ice cream, they are also powerhouses of healthy fats and minerals. The brand SO Delicious just started a line of coconut and cashew milk ice cream that is absolutely divine, and available at most grocery stores. Check it out:

3) Soy. One of the most common genetically modified foods, and unfortunately added in some form to a majority of packaged foods. I found it fascinating that in Asian culture soy is usually only consumed in fermented form, which makes it more digestible. Otherwise, the quantity of soy consumed can cause hormonal imbalance and mood swings.  

Instead of pre-packaged snacks, consider a handful of toasted pecans, salted cashews, an apple with almond butter....these are filling, satisfy the salty and crunchy cravings, and can help you focus with good energy, protein, minerals and healthy fats. There are so many delicious snack options that can travel with you. So you can let the pre-packaged snacks die. 
One of my favorite sources for snacks and nut butters is they have a huge organic section!

It's often one simple change that has the greatest impact on improving your energy every day. And I'm really good at identifying those simple changes to get fast results. If you are tired of feeling stuck in the same eating pattern, and unsure how to break free, I can help. 

And my client I was telling you about? Here's where she's at today;

"I've lost weight (and continue to lose), developed new interest and hobbies, and cut down on the amount of hours that I work. I have more time to spend with those I really care about."

-Amy S., Director of Financial Operations READ THE FULL TESTIMONIAL HERE