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The one thing that is stopping you from having great energy RIGHT NOW...

A few weeks ago I sent you the link to the new audio class I just created outlining the 5 Mindsets that keep business owners stuck and facing health issues that sabotage their success. 

It was a big hit! If you didn't get a copy, you can download it and listen in; DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE AUDIO CD HERE!

For most business owners, it takes a lot of pain and frustration to reach a point where they take ownership of what is happening in their body. They deny the truth of the signals they are receiving that something is out of balance, until they hit rock bottom. 

What if instead of waiting until things get really decided to start listening to your body as a way of speeding up and enhancing your business success as well as enjoyment in life?

One of the fastest ways to reclaim your energy that is being lost to discomfort, pain, and worry, is to stop denying the truth, and take an inventory of what your body is telling you. 

Pay attention to how you feel through the day. Set an alarm on your phone every few hours to remind you to check in with yourself and notice what and how you are feeling. 

How do you feel when you first wake up? What thoughts go through your mind?

Do you feel exhausted after lunch?

Does brain fog take over around three o'clock?

Do you end the day feeling exhilarated or exhausted?

Often the simple act of tuning in to your body, starts the process of noticing small adjustments that can be made throughout your day to improve your performance. 

And as your body begins to feel "heard" and cared for, energy immediately begins to increase.

I go into this in a little more depth in the 1st Mindset Shift in my audio class, when I talk about the experience of my client Bob as he overcame adrenal exhaustion. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Here's to making your health part of your business success strategy!

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