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If you feel tired often.....

There is a time in every business owners life when they are simply tired.

Tired of hustling for more customers or clients.

Tired of the long hours and constant demands.

Tired of having to make excuses to their children as to why they won't be home at bedtime.

Tired of seeing their spouse's frustration at not having more time together.

Tired of feeling tired.

Being a business owner can be the most exciting role of your life, but at times it can also feel the most demanding and depleting. And it doesn't stop!

I know first hand, as I used to run a family business that seemed to constantly drain every ounce of energy I had. I kept pushing forward thinking, "One day everything will run smoothly and the stress will be over..."

Guess what?

In TEN years, that NEVER happened!

Instead I had to make a choice to move my own well-being to the top of my list if I was going to continue to grow the business and end up with my health and relationships still intact.

When I began to consciously create a foundation of health in my life with small daily practices....chronic health issues that I had struggled with for years began to clear up, I met and married the love of my life, and my renewed energy and excitement about business and my career helped me to implement creative new ideas that led to greater success, smoother daily operations, and increased productivity. 


"My work with Rachel has improved many aspects of my life. I now fuel my body with more energizing foods that sustain me throughout the day, and I identified food sensitivities that were causing me to feel drained. 

This, in turn, helps me stay mentally sharp at work.

My sleep pattern has improved dramatically since working with Rachel. And I now experience uninterrupted sleep almost every night. 

Rachel helped me identify hidden stressors that were also affecting my energy and focus, and once they were addressed, I felt renewed energy toward working out and staying fit. 

Self-care, which I used to overlook, is a priority for me and I am grateful to Rachel for helping me realize it!

Best of all, everything I implemented in my life was actually enjoyable and made me want to do more of it. From how I shop, cook, eat and LIVE, it fuels me rather than drains me."

-Georgette H., Pathologist, Wake County, NC

Listen, here's the truth. Being tired more often than you like is a sign that you are on the edge of burnout. And here's how burnout works in the body: You can either address it now, before it gets so bad that you're laid up, or you can address it later, when you get sick. And if you're like the business owners and professionals I know and others who have a demanding career and a full life, getting laid up is not an option. 

Getting just one health issue solved like low energy can create a seriously good ripple effect in your sleep, family life, focus, productivity, weight and so much more. It's kinda fun actually. 

If this is something that you can at all relate to, you find that each day is an uphill struggle to stay on track and maintain energy, let me provide support and share my knowledge with you. CLICK HERE to schedule a Breakthrough Session.