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If you are eating cereal for breakfast, try this instead...

We've been told that eating cereal is part of a healthy breakfast. 

But what is cereal, really?

Loaded with sugar and carbs, cereal doesn't give your body or your brain the essential energy building nutrients they need to run fast and strong.

Instead it activates that blood sugar rollercoaster I told you about last week. 

Your body craves more sugar for fuel throughout the day instead of burning off previously accumulated sugar and body fat.

One of my clients fell into this trap too.

She thought she was doing a great thing for herself with a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

But every day, she ended up craving sweets by mid-morning, struggling with belly bloating and her focus would greatly diminish in the afternoon (leading her to crave more coffee and sugar).

These are the things that sabotage a productive day.


When you eat protein for breakfast, you are starting your blood sugar off on a slow rise that gives you energy to burn all day long. 

AND you encourage your body to burn body fat for fuel instead of craving sugar as an energy source, helping your body weight to stay balanced without counting calories. (Who has time to count calories?!). 

When my client Georgette began eating protein (eggs, for example) and vegetables for breakfast instead of her usual granola, she began taking on new projects at work AND had energy left over at the end of her day for working out.

This Thanksgiving, instead of starting your day with cereal to "save room" for afternoon feasting, and then leaving you ravenous by appetizer time (and making it impossible to choose wisely!), start off with a good breakfast of spinach and eggs, and notice how much more you can enjoy your Thanksgiving Day meal!

If spinach and eggs isn't your thing, it's less about eggs and more about experimenting with more protein to start your day, noticing how that affects your focus, productivity and ability to end your day with energy to spare. 

I love left over turkey burgers and sweet potato for breakfast. Keeps me going strong for hours. Other clients report loving grass-fed hamburger patties, or a quick egg scramble with last night's left over dinner veggies. You get the idea!

This is the key to turning your breakfast into a power meal.

Hope this helps, and wishing you a wonderful holiday!