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If healthy isn't simple and delicious, then you're doing it wrong...

One of my clients came to me having been through a number of different diet plans, and was convinced that it was her fault that she wasn't getting results. 

She thought...."If I could just stay on track and exercise more!"

When we started working together, the first thing we did was throw all these old ideas out the window. 

For example, we stopped her daily food tracking and calorie counting and gave her permission to eat when she was hungry. Instead of expending hours of mental energy on when to eat and what to eat, we focused on what she could add into her diet that would support her in reaching her health goals. 

Here's the truth.....

If you are NOT enjoying healthy foods and lifestyle practices, than you are doing it wrong.

Foods that support your body to easily and naturally reach a state of balance are not only good for you, but they are delicious.

They don't require deprivation and careful tracking.

They don't require calorie counting. 

And honestly, I don't know anybody who has time for all that. I certainly don't. 

What I love about the work that I do with clients, is how good food and health practices can actually ADD to your experience of joy in your work and personal life.

It facilitates the advancement of your goals and dreams.

Otherwise, what's the point? No one wants to eat healthier for health's sake. Health is a vehicle, not a destination, as they say.

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