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If falling asleep and staying asleep is a problem, try this....

Last week I shared a little of my client's story with you, and her success increasing her energy and vitality as well as improving her sleep.

Most sleep issues are a result of imbalanced blood sugar and cortisol levels. Did you know that?

One of the most successful strategies I have found to address sleep issues sounds kind of crazy....but here it is.

Eat at regularly scheduled times throughout the day, EVERY day.

When your blood sugar drops, your cortisol levels elevate because your body is reading the lack of fuel as an urgent situation. Once this rollercoaster begins, it's very difficult to correct. Consistently elevated cortisol levels create an overactive nervous system, which not only inhibits quality sleep, but puts you in a state that limits your ability to think clearly. 

What's really awesome is that once you balance this blood sugar rollercoaster, you may notice much more than your sleep improving. Afternoon headaches, morning fatigue, mood swings, brain fog....all of these are related to imbalanced blood sugar.

That's what happened to my client Georgette. She used to wake up at night with intense sugar cravings, and find it impossible to stay asleep. Once we began addressing each of the factors that were causing imbalanced blood sugar, her sleep stabilized, and she began experiencing uninterrupted sleep for the first time in YEARS!

Want help with sleep or a health concern that is being made worse by not getting enough quality sleep? Let's talk and see if I can help. CLICK HERE to schedule a Breakthrough Session with me.