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How to stay mentally sharp and focused all day...

Every afternoon around 2-3 pm, I'd experience an afternoon slump and feeling of brain fog that made it a battle to stay on track. 

This usually meant that I made a run to Starbucks for a grande caramel macchiato to "boost my energy". Eventually I needed one in the morning AND the afternoon, and make it a venti. 

Oh lord. When I think of how often I did that, no WONDER I suffered from blood sugar issues and candida infections for years! 

Instead there are three easy food choices you can make to completely ELIMINATE this problem.

1) Eat protein for breakfast. We talked about the cereal pitfall last week. 
This supports your body to start the day strong and avoid the whole "blood sugar rollercoaster".

2) Drink water. 
Hydration is essential to keep your mind sharp and clear. Lack of water slows down proper detoxification, creating instant brain fog. 
I keep a glass Camelbak water bottle on my desk at all times for sipping through the day. 
Here's a link to the one I use: CLICK HERE

3) Eat some fat. Good fat.
Brain fuel arrives in the form of fat. If your brain is used to being fed a steady diet of sugar your focus will rise and fall with your blood sugar. But fat burns slowly and consistently, and gives you the sharp focus you need. Start with olive oil drizzled over your veggies, avocado on your salad, grilled salmon occasionally, and build fats into your diet.

As a small business owner or professional it is even more important to keep your mind sharp through the day. Each decision you make can have a dramatic impact on your business. Wouldn't it be amazing to have clear and sharp mental focus all day, EVERY day? 

If you are ready to experience improved mental focus and the impact it can have on you and your business, let's talk. CLICK HERE to schedule your Breakthrough Session.