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3 Keys to Deep Refreshing Sleep...

The one thing that business owners need most, is often the one thing that is just beyond their reach. 

Deep, refreshing sleep.

I work on sleep with almost every one of my clients, and you may remember the story I shared about my client Georgette who experienced uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years.

Over the years, I have identified three often ignored factors that dramatically impact sleep.

1) FOOD SENSITIVITIES. This was a surprise to me, but as I observed the effects in client after client, it makes sense. Food sensitivities create inflammation in the gut, which in turn activates the immune system, which in turn elevates stress hormones...which prevent you from sleeping deeply.

Pinpointing the guilty foods can be tricky, but the simplest strategy I have found....avoid anything in a package. Most of the common allergens; wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and eggs are in packaged foods.

2) LACK OF MINERALS. It is my personal belief that there will be a huge shift in awareness around how minerals and trace minerals impact our health. Everything from dental issues, to emotional health, to digestion, to sleep, is affected by consuming adequate amounts of essential minerals. I see the biggest effect in increasing magnesium. This can be difficult to do through diet alone, so I love this product; Natural Calm Magnesium

3) SNACKING. In the dietary world there is a trend right now against snacking between meals and before bed. I find in the world of business owners and professionals, snacking is often essential to keeping our energy up and our blood sugar balanced. We burn through a lot of mental and physical energy in a day. A snack before bed combining a healthy carb and a fat can be the ticket to keeping your blood sugar stable through the night as well as allowing you to sleep more deeply and for a longer period. 
A few examples of a healthy snack combination; a green apple with almond butter, celery with guacamole or brown rice crackers with goat cheese.

Three simple strategies that can start you on the path to better sleep... TONIGHT!